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After being forced from the law, Anne found refuge in the art of filmmaking. After taking a 8 week course at The New York Film Academy in NYC, Anne returned to Miami to film her award-winning debut, In God's Shadow, about her fight against the Florida Bar

Unfortunately, her bright film career was cut short because she was still branded a low-life thief by the Florida Bar

In God's Shadow (2005)

Rated: R /15 minutes
Director:  Anne G. Telasco
Starring:  Sabrina Bailly, Javier Montalvo
Synopsis:  In 2005,  the film won best directorial debut at the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, AND Best Score in New York.  The film is based on a true story.  It portrays how intolerance and envy led several lawyers, with ties to The Florida Bar, used their status with the Bar and their influence with a Judge to destroy the career and reputation of Geraldine, a civil rights lawyer. In the aftermath of The Bar’s destruction, Geraldine must now reinvent herself in order to survive and provide for her family.

The Common Thread (2006)

Rated: R /17 minutes
Director:  Anne G. Telasco
Starring:  Hardhi E. Harris, Memo Sauceda, Lisa Bunbury
Synopsis: The reasons, horrors, and solutions to war.

Fate (2006)

Rated: R /13:39 minutes
Director:  Anne G. Telasco
Staring: Georgia Ann Downey, Hardhi E. Harris
Synopsis:  Fate, a young streetwalker, discovered that in spite of her circumstances, she has the power to overcome, reclaim her dignity and change her future.

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