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Letter to the Press


An American Dream Destroyed by The Florida Bar

CASE NO. 19-CV-22135-RS

    As our country is ravaged by a foe we cannot see, millions of Americans have been forced to retreat within their homes as their livelihoods, health and wellbeing, and the future of their families is left hanging in the balance. This foe has exacerbated the inequalities embedded within the fabric of our nation, as leaders we have entrusted with protecting us fail to live up to the task. Americans have felt this uncertainty, anxiety, and fear for months, but because of the fraudulent actions committed by The Florida Bar, my mother Anne Telasco has been in this trapped state of despair for 20 years. 

     On August 19th, 2020, United States District Judge Rodney Smith entered an unprecedented judgement in Anne’s defamation suit against The Florida Bar. In her 318-paragraph complaint with over 235 pages of evidence, Anne documents how The Florida Bar knowingly submitted false documents, improperly withheld material information, forged Anne's name on a post office return receipt card, concealed evidence, filed and buried documents that Anne filed within unrelated files, intercepted, backdated and improperly filed documents without Anne’s knowledge, and in the interim fabricated (5) five cases against her in order to secure an order of disbarment for theft against her in early 2000. In deciding the motion, Judge Smith accepted all allegations in Anne’s Second Amended Complaint as true because the Bar failed to produce any document or evidence to support it's claim of theft against Anne.  The Bar produced zero documents to support it claim of theft against Anne. The Judge made the finding that "The [Florida] Bar reissued this letter [theft letter] ten years after it became aware that the judgment of disbarment for theft against Plaintiff [Anne] was fraudulently obtained and was the product of fabricated charges."  However, The Florida Bar has and continues to hide behind 11th Amendment immunity, that is, the Federal Court has no jurisdiction/power over it and therefore it does not have to prove its claim of theft against Anne.  The case was dismissed without prejudice for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.  

    Prior to this Judgement, Anne spent the last 20 years of her life wrongfully branded a thief by The Florida Bar. A Haitian immigrant who started her own practice one year out of The University of Miami School of Law in 1993,  Anne garnered a reputation for winning race, age, and gender discrimination cases against major corporations; Anne was one of forty attorneys worldwide invited to the Oxford Round Table Forum on Civil Rights in 2001.  However, Anne’s victories made enemies.

     After a 28-month long assault on her career and moral fitness, Anne was forced to resign in 2001 and her bright career as a civil rights attorney was cut short. Due to the fabricated cases, Anne became unemployable, ostracized, and threatened on a daily basis for supposedly stealing settlement funds from her own people. Anne was forced to flee from Miami with me in tow, convinced that she would be wrongfully branded a thief for the rest of her life. Thanks to Judge Smith’s ruling, my mother is finally vindicated. However, the Florida Bar continues to hide behind the veil of immunity, refusing to take accountability for launching my mother into a 20 year purgatory of shame, depression, and financial ruin as she makes less than $20,000 a year and carries over $300,000 in student loan debt. 

    Anne is currently in the process of appealing the judgment in the appellate courts on the grounds that The Florida Bar’s egregious, unlawful, and life ruining actions cannot fall under 11th  Amendment immunity. Anne is going up against law firm behemoth Greenberg Traurig. Their team against Anne is led by firm partner Barry Scott Richard, a lawyer who represented George W. Bush in the 2000 presidential election challenge. The Bar has refused to acknowledge their actions or mediate, stating that doing so is a “burden.” If The Florida Bar cannot be held accountable for criminal actions it knowingly committed, it is a grave threat to the American people. 

     I ask of you, as the lifeline of information to the people, to inform the court of public opinion of what the federal court has accepted as true; a state agency created to defend and uphold the rights of our citizens has used its power to defame and destroy a lawyer who fought for justice and upended the status quo, simply because it decided that she is not allowed the American Dream. 

    Attached below is Judge Smith’s ruling, Telasco’s Second Amended Complaint with all unrefuted and verified documented evidence, the fabricated  case docket and the False Affidavit the only document the Bar used to support its claim of theft against Anne.  The Affidavit jumped from paragraph 11 to 38. This made it easy for the Bar to cut and paste its auditor's  signature on the false report.  This is the same auditor who gave me inter-office documents which helped me find the case the Bar misnamed in the court's data base against me.  The Bar’s auditor helped me prove my defamation action against the Bar.  The Fabricate Case Docket reflect that the Bar has the power to go into the Court's data base and create non-existent cases in order to destroy an attorney it and its preferred members want to purge out of the legal profession.  The Bar never explained why it hid the cashiers check Anne submitted for payment to her clients and then claim in the Affidavit that Anne stole the funds and it never received the check. The Bar held on to the check for several years that it became stale.  It had to ask the court to order to the bank the reissue the check.   The Bar gave the cashiers' check that I gave it to the attorney who demanded that they take my law license. This document which was available to anyone who was interested in my file has the proper name of the case and has the same case number as the misnamed docket.   This document also falsely reflect that there was a criminal case against me for stealing my clients funds. 


Anngelica-Marie Eshesimua - Anne’s Daughter

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