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Anne Georges Telasco v.

The Florida Bar

The Federal Judgement

CASE NO. 19-CV-22135-RS

"In deciding this Motion, the Court accepts all allegations in the Second Amended Complaint as true...The [Florida] Bar reissued this letter [theft letter] ten years after it became aware that the judgment of disbarment for theft against Plaintiff [Anne] was fraudulently obtained and was the product of fabricated charges."

See bottom of page 4-5 of Judgment

--  Judge Rodney Smith 

United States District Judge

Southern District of Florida



On August 19th 2020, United States District Judge Rodney Smith entered a judgement on the Florida Bar's motion to dismiss Anne's unprecedented defamation suit. In Judge Smith's order, he granted the Florida Bar's motion to dismiss without prejudice, citing that the Florida Bar as "an official arm of the court" is covered by the 11th Amendment, depriving the court of subject matter jurisdiction. "Here, The Florida Bar is entitled to Eleventh Amendment immunity."

Judge Smith went in depth and cleared Anne's name, clarifying Anne's 318-paragraph complaint against the bar to tell the story of a young attorney and single mother starting her own firm whose competence and moral fitness was fraudulently undermined for several years. Judge Smith arrived at this order after the Florida Bar refused to go to mediation with Anne and acknowledge their misdeeds.

With faith and strength from God, Anne will continue her fight to singlehandedly seek justice against the Florida Bar

"When the enemy comes, the first thing they do is try to take your faith from you. Once they do that, you are lost."

- Yva Telasco, Anne's Mother 

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